Valeur Foundation is a non-profit organization which supports humanitarian initiatives, cultural projects, sport associations and animals’ welfare.

The efforts of our Foundation, mainly aimed at assisting the weakest social categories, are always carried out with the support of a local referent who takes care of those in need and deals directly with the communities and related projects. As of today, Valeur Foundation has chosen to support over 7 partners with whom has established a relationship of mutual trust.

After a careful selection process, the Foundation sponsors several projects a year, whose developments are actively followed to best manage the available resources and ensure they are used for those who need them the most.

Watoto Wa Baraka Ticino

WWB Ticino is a Swiss non-profit association founded in 2011, which supports orphan children in the area of Nairobi in Kenya, interacting with small and moving communities, and organizes fundraisers which have been fundamental in financing projects of vital importance.

Through the support of friends like Valeur Foundation, the association has financed over the years the construction of a dormitory, a primary school, a well and the purchase of goods of primary need for the local families (food, mattresses, shoes, clothes, cows, tools).

WWB Ticino believes that education is extremely important to improve the quality of life of orphans and poor children. Therefore, the association promotes long distance adoptions: the best way to provide concrete and long-term assistance to children in their growth and learning. Currently the association, through its supporters and friends, has made possible the adoption of over 30 children, between the age of two and seventeen, giving them the opportunity to obtain an education in addition to providing goods of primary need.

Valeur Foundation and WWB Ticino are in regular contact with other associations in the area and personally follow the projects by visiting the orphanages at least once a year.

Child’s dream

Child’s Dream is a foundation established in 2013 in Switzerland, dedicated to improving health and education for sustainable development. Child’s Dream plans and implements interventions for children and young adults in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand related to health, education, peace, justice and environmental sustainability.

The foundation aims to train leaders and specialists to work for the development of their country, to increase access to quality education, to reduce infant mortality, to improve health and to promote hygiene in schools and communities. The strategy of Child’s Dream follows the sustainable development goals promoted by the United Nations.

Espérance ACTI

Espérance ACTI is a humanitarian organization founded in Switzerland in 2000 with the purpose of helping the population in Indochina, a region in South-East Asia comprised of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

Espérance brings assistance to poverty-stricken and remote villages which are often deprived of electricity and can only be reached through rudimentary boats. Fascinating landscapes, which still clearly bear the signs of the countless natural disasters and conflicts that have devastated these regions.

Partnering with local organizations and institutions, the organization supports the population by financing the construction of schools, kindergartens, water wells, bridges, nursing homes, and clinics. Espérance ACTI has made several heart and cataract surgeries possible thanks to the numerous contributions of donors from Switzerland.

Istituto Canisio

Istituto Canisio is a Swiss non-profit organization that has been welcoming adults and children with different kinds of mental difficulties and disabilities for almost a century.

Within this reality, children attend the Institute’s Special School during the day and the housing group during the afternoon and evening, with the opportunity to stay overnight at the Institute.

The educators who look after the children organize various activities during their free time: swimming pool, cinema, stadium, restaurant, sports and visits to several cities.

The commitment of the educators is very high and aimed at making the children live as many experiences as possible so they can feel fully integrated into society. The educational model of the Institute aspires to the integral promotion of the person.

With the precious help of Valeur Foundation, this year the Institute will be able to offer children different activities during their free time as well as original school walks, and make the program of the summer camp that will end the school year even more engaging and enriching.

La Mensa e il Gregge

La Mensa e il Gregge – a member of The Swiss Italian Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations – was founded in 2004 with the aim of helping young families of nomadic farmers to remain on the lands of their ancestors, continuing to carry out the work that has distinguished for generations the existence of the Mongolian people.

The organization started its action by purchasing flocks of sheep, goats and camels and lending them to nomads in need, with the aim of helping these families empowering themselves, so that they can build a better future with their own hands.

Across the years, La Mensa e il Gregge has built two elementary schools, three kindergartens, a civic and cultural centre and supported the project of a mobile library which, using horses and motorcycles, brings information and culture across the steppe. It has also entrusted numerous flocks to young breeders and has created and awarded about fifty scholarships to university students from the regions in which it is engaged.

Parco del Mulino

Parco del Mulino was founded in 2011 in Livorno, Italy by a group of parents with children affected by Down syndrome, with the intent of continuing to provide them external incentives at the end of their education and avoiding that the lack of constant commitment could generate a regression of the skills acquired and a progressive social isolation.

With the idea that work can free and give dignity to people, to all people, Parco del Mulino aims to create stable work, suitable for the individual abilities of children with Down syndrome and other disabilities. The cooperative accompanies them in their training, giving them the strong psychological support necessary to improve their autonomy and increase awareness of their place in society, with the aim of enriching their overall lifestyle.

With the support of Parco del Mulino, the children develop their skills through professional training courses and, under the supervision of tutors, acquire the necessary competences to fill various roles within the cooperative (receptionist, waiter, barman and pizza chef).


SPES Onlus

SPES Onlus is an association founded in Parabita, a town near Lecce in the region of Salento, Italy. The association is comprised of a group of volunteers who dedicate themselves to protecting and promoting the health and welfare of all dogs, including strays. The group believes in transparent management of shelters, being open to volunteers, and protecting the rights of these disadvantaged animals.



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